INQAKORI Is a peruvian company which is dedicated to export the art of handmade by Peruvian people.

We are proud of share with you the Peruvian tradition which is improving day by day, with every product you would have something of peru to your house..

For that reason, with us you will find products that are made with influence of the Peruvian andes , as the Inca culture had a big influence of their cultures like Chavin culture, mochica, Tiahuanaco, chimu, Nazca, wari y paracas; with a mystic style , all this together had made the Peruvian art one of the best in the world, also you can find products which you can give as a present because this are top-quality product and It will cover all your expectation..

An important social aspect:

For the purchase of products through peruanos of INKAQORI is not only help the recognition of indigenous Peruvian artist, but also their quality of life!

Having a positive effect for the education of their children and a better future.